Top 10 ways to make your brakes last longer


You can make your brakes last a long time or you can wear them out quickly. If your brakes wear rapidly and these tips don’t help the problem is with your car, your mechanic, poorly chosen or installed brake parts, or others who drive the car (teenage boy in the house?). The problem could be one of simple geography, if you happen to live in the mountains.

1. Speed Kills – Stops from high speed are the mortal enemy of brakes.
2. No Lefties – Use only your right foot on the brake pedal. I often see cars cruisingat a constant speed
3. Be a Coaster – Coasting is a surprisingly easy way to get rid of a lot of brake-killing speed
4. Memory Factor – Memorize places where other drivers inappropriately slow down.
5. Look Up and Save – Look far enough ahead and you’ll be able to correctly time stoplights, notice traffic backing up or see cars slowing on an incline that’s just become visible
6. Don’t Join In – Many drivers brake just because the guy in front did. And the first driver touched his brake for no good reason.
7. Lose Some Weight – Don’t carry unnecessary stuff.
8. Flush It – Brake fluid needs to be periodically changed. In mechanic-speak it’s called bleeding and flushing.
9. Upgrade and Specialize – Don’t complain if bargain brakes wear out quickly, but don’t expect the most expensive pads to last forever.
10. Be Frugal, Not Foolish – Trying to extend brake life too long will cost big money. If metal touches metal, frugality becomes foolish.


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